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I am available to do the jobs you haven’t got the time to do yourself, or you don’t know how to do.  Call me on 07 68 57 22 07 to see if I can be of assistance.

I am based near Dineault (Chateauin) in Finistere, (France) and cover the local area.

I specialise  in the renovation of houses, whether a part or full renovation. Including, insulating & dry lining, taping and jointing, painting, tiling,  installing kitchens and fitting bathrooms.  Please look though my portfolio of current and past works to see the sort of things I have done for previous clients.

07 68 57 22 07

Handy Andy, Cosquer, Dineault, France 29150

For prices and availability please contact me.  Thank you.

I am fully registered -SIREN number 802 582 395 000 17